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no poo: day 4! follow along at home while i mash baking soda into my grease-locks

Day 1 I washed my hair and it was amazing.

Day 2 I wore a ponytail.

Day 3 I wore a ponytail and a bandanna and I really wanted to wash my hair.

So today, day 4, I wash. But not with my Neutrogena anti-residue, or my Tresemme (ooh la la), or even my Dr. Bronner's (aka crazytalk soap). I'll be mixing up a paste of a tablespoon of baking soda with about a half a cup of water. And then I'm going to rinse with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and a cup of water, which is supposed to act like a conditioner.

But first, I'm going to to brush my hair really carefully to make sure all the tangles are out-- without soap and slippery conditioner, my hair could break, which I want to avoid. I should probably have gotten a trim before this project.... (note to self, call Rosie and book a trim like yesterday)

Allright, stay tuned cool cats!

Okay, so after washing with the baking soda my hair felt squeaky clean! Eff yeah! After the ACV rinse, however, my hair felt like a bag of chips. Excellent. I used a ton of water and finally got the vinegar smell out. As anticipated, my hair felt like a bundle of damp twigs upon exiting the shower. Now I'm just going to sit in my apartment for about 2 hours til it dries.

It doesn't have that post-conditioner coating that I've come to rely on in order to get a brush through it, so when it's a little more dry I'll be using a wide-tooth comb to carefully detangle ends-to-roots. I should wait til it's fully dry. No I know why the old cliche is true: I probably really will have to cancel an engagement to wash my hair one of these days! I hope it's worth it in the long run. I'd like to feel like I have Day 1 hair on Day 3. #goals

Things I did:
~mixed the baking soda and water in a small glass.
~mixed the ACV and water in a mug
~placed both on the edge of my tub, turned on shower, got in, the usual.
~i didn't wet my hair before putting the baking soda on it. the mixture was really runny so it wet my hair for me.
~i concentrated the baking soda water on my roots and specifically my hairline
~i worked it in as best i could without tangling too much
~let sit for 2 min or so
~the ACV i just sort of awkwardly dumped on my head, because, as you will read....

Things I will do next time:
~squeeze bottles!!! crucial for placing the liquidy mixtures
~do a little more research on where/how the ACV goes on
~get a dang hair trim (where's Rosie's number..!)

All in all, not too bad. We'll see how the drydown goes.
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